KPN Data offers full-cycle development and implementation services to  create comprehensive business intelligence software. We help IT  companies to develop innovative software products, providing assistance  at all stages from the release of a Minimum Viable Product to long-term  support and product development. All we need to get started is your  vision of the product and desire to collaborate actively with our team. Our specialists proficiency in cutting-edge technologies, tools and  services ensures that our clients enjoy the benefits of applications  tailored to meet their unique business needs:

                              Custom Software Development

KPN Data Technology Inc., is a custom software development company. We provide full-cycle  software development service encompassing requirements definition,  application design, development, and deployment as well as software  support and upgrade. We offer personal touch to all of our customers. For this, we allocate a dedicated manager to every project that keep communications going  uninterruptedly from the outset. This approach helps us rapidly respond  to changes initiated by our customers, adjust project team size when  necessary, provide all the support, and ensure further project  development.

Mobile Application Development

Systems Integration

Data Analysis Systems

Business Intelligence Software